Monday, 7 October 2013


friday night dinner was at damon’s – rabbit, i don’t think i’ve had it since mum cooked it decades ago. it was scrummy and kyoko’s dessert of pears cooked in red wine is something i always love. served with a creamy blend of mascarpone and biscuit.   we had a lovely night beside the open fire.

damon the rabbit cooker

hyun ju - great company

kyoko made beautiful pears in red wine

SATURDAY  a non work day, i picked up the car from northcote yesterday so todayand did a round of the old neighbourhood.  first, the brighton baths, unrecognisably renovated and looking good. brekky with some of the girls and very good to see them.

then on to visit my old studio friend rosalie, we’re exhibiting together in the ‘affordable xmas show’ at tussock gallery in pt lonsdale.  


i scoured all my old favorite op shops, the sacred heart mission shops are open all weekend  -  found a few treasures and headed back to apw at the end of the day. a nice day off and tomorrow i’ll spend with sunny.   good to have the car for a couple of days.
another nice laid back day of driving and shopping – sunny and i need 60’s clothes for a party so it was off to savers in sydney road, the brotherhood in brunswick road and a great accessories shop in brunswick street.
then a couple of wines in sunny and dean’s neat’n’tidy backyard in the smell of freshly cut lawn.

Progress on the print

in sunny's backyard at the end of the day, a glass of wine in the sun
the amazing dino catching a bottle on the back of his hand

selfie in the op shop window in smith street

a great bit of street art in gore street

messing up the desk a little bit, more appearing on the noticeboard
a quiet night at home here in gertrude street then back to work tomorrow. i’m making an etching of two black swans.

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