Sunday, 13 October 2013


I'M AT ANNE AND DEN'S in torquay after driving down to anglesea from the print workshop yesterday.  I op shopped my way through so many salvos and vinnies on the way, finding accessories for my 60's outfit for rob's 64th birthday party.

thursday night i ran into gorgeous 
godwin bradbeer at an opening at 
james makin gallery.  it was great 
to seehim -  i really miss his 
wonderful life drawing classes
and the energy he brought to them

dinner with chrissy and ian - chris picked me up after the opening and cooked a beautiful meal

one last wander up gertrude street on saturday morning

 coffee and the 
crossword at
birdman eating.

FATTO A MANO  -  this wonderful bakery is the downfall of many a would-be slimster
 me and simon - my collaborator on the large litho print

one of the monoprints i'm working on

the collaborative print edition - finished

 lunch in northcote with merrin before picking up my car at sunny's

 i was lucky to have damon, libby and kate in to print 
on my last day 
the lovely jackie  -   the front of house face of apw

goodbye melbourne,   driving down flinders street to the westgate bridge.

SATURDAY NIGHT - ROB'S WONDERFUL PARTY - what a fun night for us all

the worst onesie in the history of onesies

i've never seen a plate of party pies disappear so fast

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