Friday, 25 October 2013


LOTS OF THINGS happened today  -  no time for photos.

at 8a.m. shaun the plumber arrived with 3 offsiders and they spent about five hours (what's that going to cost me!! :-O)  beavering away out there refiguring the plumbing, directing the washing machine water out to the garden, undoing the mess they created by joining the toilet and bath plumbing, cleaning out very old pipes  . . .  they were there when i left for a meeting at artback about the mildura/wentworth arts festival.  
it was good to meet paul (director of festival) and his wife and to talk about
wentworth's essential participation with paul and anne from artback.  i'm very
much a newie in town, so it was an introduction to the whole thing for me.

then melbourne artists trevor and mimmo (hope that spelling is right) arrived and we all had lunch. they came back to my place for a quick visit with steve hederics (artback)     I always enjoy showing people around and we talked about house swapping (trevor is in abbotsford).    i'd like to be able to do that in future, it's good for everyone involved.

after they left i've spent the rest of the day with a bucket of warm water and sugar soap, the hose and a broom, and i've been cleaning out and scrubbing the garage,  i've just realised there's a view of the river from the window.  it
was so thick with dust i didn't know  :0)     it's feeling good in there already.

now i'm going through my big bag of vietnamese silk clothes getting ready for artback's bi-annual 'art market'.   it'll be fun to have a stall and meet more

and the bath is filling up right now, it'll be interesting to see what happens when i empty it later.

well i've had my bath and it was delicious, with candlelight and frangipani soap, deep deep water and solitude.
and it's been emptied and all the water has disappeared with no flooding under the house.  WHOO HOO!!

pretty candlelight,
a holder anne l  gave
me for my birthday
and the others are
from the famous
tip shop

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