Monday, 21 October 2013


looking at what i've written it sounds as though i'm living in paradise - well, it could be paradise except that the septic tank needs pumping, water is bubbling up under the house when i empty the bath, the filter on the pump is still not ok -  i simply can't get the top unscrewed to clean it.  terry the pump man has promised for about six months now to make me a special two handled spanner to get it off but so far - nothing.
AND the front underneath of my bumper bar fell off last night,  i was wondering what the scraping noise was as i drove home yesterday,  thought it was a branch caught on the wheel but when i checked i could see nothing.  as i drove over the edge of the concrete into the carport, clunk - a whole section of car came off.  lucky it was at home and not on the way home - i might have lost the whole damn thing.
the bathroom's STILL not finished, so far it's been six months.  ken came to install the new mirrored cabinet only to discover a scratch on it, so i have half a cabinet.  and the water problem means that the loo fills up for a minute or so when it's flushed. 

the old washing machine gave up and i bought a new one -  i suspect that when the plumber moved the old one outside it might have got a bump, alan said when he checked it out the pump had given up.  now i have the new one there, but nowhere for the water to go because of the septic problem, so i've running it into my garden trolley then emptying it on the garden.  a pain.   now that i'm home i'll have to get all this sorted out.   not quite paradise.

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