Thursday, 17 October 2013


DURING MY TIME AWAY  ann and ann from books illustrated had a week here while alan and meryl went off travelling.
i was amazed and so thrilled to see that they've worked on some of my garden beds, mulched them, dug and neatened the edges, transplanted some things from the outer parts of the garden, and installed a beautiful big birdbath out front with a garden under it.  it's visible from the lounge and the bedroom, and it's exactly what i would have bought myself.   they've also scrubbed my saucepans to sparkling - they've been so kind,  i can't see how they fitted in a rest.  although the dogs obviously had a very relaxing holiday,  veging out on their cushions in the sun on the riverbank :0)     i'll take some pics today


  1. The perfect houseguests! I must ask them to holiday at our house for a week!

  2. perfect indeed marjory, i'm adding some pics


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