Thursday, 17 October 2013


AND A BUSY ONE IT WAS  i got up early because the builders were coming to finish off the bathroom. of course something went wrong, the mirrored cabinet had a scratch on the glass, so i now have a recessed cabinet with no doors and a glass shelf that just doesn't look right.  this bathroom hasn't been the great experience that i've had in the past.

we drove into mildura to pick up my amazing $5 table, then came home to await the arrival of the washing machine.  i cleaned out one end of the garage in readiness for the etching press, and glued the legs of the table, which were a bit wobbly. 
alan the intrepid, loading the table onto the very high roof of the landrover
the guys arrived with the washing machine, in a truck big enough to move two houses. they
had to reverse all the way back down the drive, couldn't turn around

TONIGHT meryl and i went to a lady's night to raise funds for the wentworth races.  held at artback, there were stalls with jewellery, handbags, skincare etc and we had some champers and cakes and a chat to some of the locals, i met sue james, who had been to the same high school as i had.

artback's anne hederics  and daughter sally

with meryl at artback. our last night for a while, they'll
be back i'm sure :0)

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