Sunday, 27 October 2013


this morning on the river

I spent all day backwards and forwards between the new print studio in the garage and the house, transporting materials and furniture, doing some things with the interior to make it more like a studio and i have to say it's coming up a treat.  feels like a lovely big airy space.  dust will be a problem, i'll keep lots of things covered when i'm not in there and see how it goes.  there's plenty of natural light, the floor is strong, the space is large and the ceiling high.   all good.   

dinner last night was at the sally and mark hederics' house, a lively group, slow cooked goat (shot up in the bush by steve) and beautiful roasted veges

edi in the bath before heading off to bed, what a little livewire she is

coming home past the lock,  the water's like a mirror at night

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