Wednesday, 9 October 2013


only two printing days to go, Saturday will be packing and driving to anglesea. I've got three days of text to put in here, done in word and do you think I can copy and paste it - all the more infuriating because I did it a couple of days ago.

next day - done it !    :0)

MONDAY – a morning of etching and the afternoon  off – no access downstairs so sunny and i saw a movie.  then dinner at tiamo
great food but we could hardly move afterwards – so much!  i dropped the car off at sunny’s so i’m on public transport or feet for the rest of the week.


I spent the whole day in the studio, working with simon on the collaborative print, which is done now and looking good.  i’m happy with it.  also lots of monoprints and a heavily overdone aquatint which i’ll print this morning, it’ll be very dark and i’ll have to decide what to do with it.  thinking on the page now, thoughts in a sans serif font.

caught the tram into young and jackson’s to meet vicki, we haven’t seen each other since january so it was great to catch up.  terrific  steak, a martini, lovely room and great views out the windows.
then a walk up swanston st to the tram, to sit and watch everyone staring at their phones.  god, it’s sad.

the beginning of a swan etching, masked
out in hardground.

SIGNING the 'bon a tirer'  -  the proof of my print that simon will use as the standard for the
rest of the edition that he will print.  literally means good to pull -   hmmm 
later in the day

WITH VICKI AT YOUNG AND JACKSON'S  -  great food with wonderful views of the city


I thought this girl was a shop mannequin when I saw her from young and jacksons window, she was alone and absolutely still and expressionless.   it was a surreal moment
burke and wills by day and by night

on the way home from sunny's Monday night - a wall in collingwood

THIS MORNING from my window, after watching the flying foxes fly from the tree opposite off over towards merri creek.  they chatter out there through the night

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