Thursday, 26 September 2013


settling in nicely

my studio desk this morning, uncharacteristically tidy but we'll soon take care of that

inking up my aquatinted plate,  it's really grabbing the ink

resulting print - just a rough image but the black is velvety and magnificent, could
be a mezzotint - almost

Ellie  working her magic on the albion press   (  i think it's the albion   :0|  )
the ink on the glass as i'm cleaning it off - it always
looks good at the time it's about to disappear

            the lovely libby . . .           
great to catch up after way too long  -  a drink at the enoteca
after a good day of printing

at the ENOTECA -  james broadway and stefano di pieri getting together

the bead tree drops it bundle

another view from my apartment window

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