Sunday, 15 September 2013


i've been looking back 

over the past twelve months, thinking about the things i've been confronted with, how i've coped and how things are now.  looking at the pros and cons of being here

PROS                                             CONS

THE RIVER                                   distance from friends
                                                        down south
kind, helpful
people – new                                 

being on the ground                     can be solitary
the house & trees                          high electricity
                                                         costs, heating,
                                                         cooling, pump                           
the birds                                         no film culture

 *use of river water                      lots to look after*
for watering

art vault  facilities
and people                                    

mildura shopping ok                    no shopping to
                                                         speak of in wenty
fresh fruit & veg off
the side of the road

the whole food
and wine culture


great workspace                           distractions of
                                                        working at home
                                                                                (i now have a fortnightly cleaner)

When i first came i had my first summer to experience, one of the hottest for years, in one week every day was over 42deg.
i had to become acquainted with the pump, install an automatic watering system to operate while i’m away, i’ve been away constantly over the past year, ubud in october, back and forth to melbourne, china in march, istanbul in april, japan in july, armidale in august, off to melbourne this week for 3 weeks.  so the property has to be able to be left from time to time.

i’ve had a snake drop out of the bungalow ceiling, a huntsman bigger than my hand, a small flood in the loungeroom (leaves on the roof)  a bathroom renovation that’s so far taken 31/2 months and not finished yet. another bathroom to go.

9 months ago i was having anxiety attacks and spinning out about what i’d done – the change seemed overwhelming.  would i ever work again?  i was so far from everyone,  had i thrown away everything i'd worked for, a good investment in elwood, contacts with work . . .

yesterday i was sitting out on the riverbank having a stones with ice (medicinal purposes) and doing codewords, watching the pelicans flying by, grass parrots on the lawn, my current book project almost finished inside, a really exciting project to start on, and i feel like i’m really settling in and enjoying being here.   things are slowly getting under control,  new plants are taking hold, friends coming to housesit later in the week, off to a movie today with a good friend,  it’s all feeling pretty nice.

and i still can't believe this beautiful place is really mine.


  1. Hi Anne, I am not certain now how I stumbled across your blog. I did make a point of telling your sister Helen how much I enjoyed your photos. But in hindsight I think that it is good to tell you in person! As someone who has never lived anywhere where I can't see the Grampians, I admire you on your brave move to leave the city behind and move to the Murry. May each day inspire you, as you inspire others with all your beautiful photos and tales of life on the river. Happy Anniversary!!! Debbie.

  2. thanks a lot debbie - lovely to know one more person is looking at the blog, i'm so pleased to have a place where i can share pics of this lovely place. although if you're in the grampians you're in a pretty gorgeous spot yourself, cheers anne


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