Friday, 13 September 2013


A YEAR SINCE I MOVED HERE  and so i must rename this blog.  

it's great to have the blog to look back on and see how things have panned out over the 12 months since sunny and i drove up here together, following the removalists' truck from melbourne to the murray.

this morning i awoke to the sound of thunder and pounding rain after three months of waiting.      it's been a perfect day of working at my desk looking out onto the river, finishing off the book i'm working on, dealing with the tilers and builders working (seemingly endlessly) on my bathroom and just being here.

great to see the drive just awash with puddles and the reflections of falling rain

a selfie from the riverbank to celebrate my first year here

i love this big old windmill blade on the property - it's been completely embraced by a huge old
plant growing up through it and upwards into the trees

the view from my workdesk through the window and down river towards adelaide

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  1. Congrats, Annie! Cheers for you. Best wishes, Sadami


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