Saturday, 28 September 2013


last night at the panama dining room 16 of melbourne's illustrator social set gathered for a catch up,  a fun night that ended up with everyone drawing each other, first on jude's lovely old hardback novel, drawing over the text on yellowed pages, then on iPads and phones.

                         lorette broekstra, terry denton and marjory gardner

   we had 3 judes on the night - two of them here

nice pic of elise

terry - the most productive on the night


THIS is how you deal with the paparazzi

 i'm worried now

i liked my pic of lorette, shame about the photo

terry's self portrait - strangely youthful and flattering

 terry's other side

robin cowcher's pic of me photographing everyone,  nice


  1. Ha ha! You'll have to take that back about Terry's youthful self portrait :-) It was Lorette who painted that one. A beauty I thought - wet paper on one side and dry on the other. I will scan your lovely picture of Lorette and email it to you so that you have a copy. Jude x

  2. I should have stayed a bit longer! lovely to see you and the gang, Anne; thanks for including me!


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