Saturday, 7 September 2013


WELL, GOODBYE KEVIN, HELLO TONY -  i don't know how i'll stand seeing a smug tony abbott on tv every night, let alone representing us overseas with people like obama.
still, it'll be interesting to visit the wenty polling booth at the local school, hopefully there'll be a sausage in bread to be had.

ah yes - it's all happening at the wenty polling booth at 11 a.m.

sadly, it wasn't the place for me to vote - i'm still on the roll in melbourne so i was sent into the interstate polling booth in mildura

wrong again - now i was in victoria so i wasn't an interstate voter,  so on i
went to the church up the road and bingo - i voted,  sadly  in vain

i've picked up some chesty throaty thing, coughing and tired.   i bought some stones original green ginger wine, a good pick me up to go with lemon, tea, fresh ginger and butter menthols :0)

it looks just great
in a pretty glass

the owner/manager of gira gira chariya finally gets a kip

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