Monday, 30 September 2013


I'M SETTLING IN NOW - funny that after coming here to print for 13 years, it feels so different to be living here.    after a year on the river the city seems different somehow.   The apartment is great and the position is terrific, so many cafes and shops nearby.    and my printing is starting to feel more relaxed, i wish i didn't put so much pressure on myself.  it's a slow process and the days i've spent with nothing to show don't mean i haven't been gathering information, sorting and sifting ideas, picking up new tips from the others coming in to print.   it's really good to see people here that i haven't seen for ages.
testing out all the new coloured inks i've bought, some really nice colours

monoprints  done
on  litho plates - trying
them out for the
collaborative print
we'll be working
on.  these are fairly
small, the end result
will be quite a large
image.  i want
to do something like
the image below.

    simon, inking up my small plate

Today i had the whole print studio to myself, tomorrow too. it's great to be able to spread out.  simon and i did a bit of work figuring out how we'll do the collaborative print - progress made.
now it's time for a martini and a bit of telly and a big scotch fillet :0)

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