Saturday, 21 September 2013


IT'S BEEN GOOD to have a couple of days with alan and meryl before i leave,  i'll head off in a couple of hours.
we'll have another couple of days when i get back . it's great to know the house is being used and looked after while i'm away.
poor alan spent half of yesterday playing with the plumbing - after all the new work in the bathroom a whole lot of calcified gunk has been dislodged in the pipes and both showers are getting blocked up. it was ok yesterday afternoon, i'm hoping they don't have problems while i'm away.
last night we had dinner at the pub, and a game or two of pool 

        alan and meryl in the poshly named sheep shitters room at the royal hotel - to
                                  more polite visitors it's the hessian room

 look out, 
meryl means
last night's moon,  beautiful

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