Tuesday, 10 September 2013


HAD A TERRIBLE NIGHT sunday - full head, trying to sleep with dry mouth - and yet i woke up feeling much better.   i tried donnie's tip (from her reflexologist) of rubbing vicks vaporub on my feet, mainly top and bottom of toes and balls of feet, socks on and into bed.   that part of the foot is connected to the lungs apparently.   anyway, i'm impressed.    i was ok to go to yoga, and anne and steve from artback cafe  www.artbackaustralia.com.au   invited me over for dinner. first time i've visited their home on 
the darling  river.  i must go over in the daytime and see the river, it was dark last night,
with a perfect smiley crescent moon.

it's tuesday morning now - only three more days to the anniversary of moving up here.
friday the 13th   :-O

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