Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A NEW YEAR . . .

AND NEW THINGS TO LEARN  like how to find a guy to pump out the septic tank cos the toilet's half full.  joy oh joy!

 the good thing is that i now have a functioning bath, and tonight's the night, i'm in there with the radox after tuesday night dinner at the pub - which is a semi regular thing.

the guys were here today working on the bathroom, builders and plumbers.  i had a school visit in Koorlang, a tiny townlet on the outskirts of mildura, lots of great kids as usual   and a welcome escape from the noise at home.

i had a good feeling about the school as i walked in as soon as i saw this wall . . .
 and these irises 
i felt welcome as soon as i pulled into the car park - there i was up on the blackboard out the front of the school - the reason i took such an incomplete photo was  that i was being swooped by a maggie as i tried to get the photo

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