Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I'M IN BED and it's bucketing down outside.   after a day of mostly drawing and getting frustrated trying to download the music from swan lake, i trammed into the city to meet the illustrious leigh hobbs for two old black and white movies at cinemateque.
i slept through about a third of each of them, getting a gentle poke from m. hobbs every now and then :0)
when we came out it was raining and i got pretty wet walking up to the bourke st tramstop.  

rainbows on the walls
in the mornings
created by the edges
of the windows

i arrived at time out in fed square to meet leigh for tea. after waiting half an hour he finally
rang.  he was waiting in the cafe upstairs!

waiting for the no 86 in bourke street

not at all like wentworth  :0)

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