Monday, 1 April 2013


AH!  easter monday -  i've farewelled jenny and freddie and sunny - they left around 8.30 for the long drive home.   it's been such a great easter weekend with the house full of people, the weather cooled down and we had some sun but quite a lot of cloud, not as warm as i'd hoped but it's such a relief to have easy weather - after all the incredible heat we've had i loved it.

beijing seems a long way away after all the easter chocolate, hot cross buns and gin and tonics on the riverbank, scrabble, good meals, lots of talk and a bit of graeme norton
thrown in for good measure     :0)

Now i have to get into the Art Vault to hang my show for thursday's opening.

some pics to recap the weekend:



The pelicans returned in force

THE ENTERTAINMENT  THE wentworth 'henley on darling' was on this weekend, mildura and wentworth have a big rowing regatta.

more importantly, they also have a market and a 'town' garage sale, a map of houses to travel round looking for bargains. so while jenny and freddie went on a paddle steamer cruise up the murray from mildura, sunny and i did the garage sales - lots of goodies to be found.

THE FOOD (and drink :0)

 The eggs didn't last long, and the 
impromptu invention of a vermouth
and blood plum juice cocktail went down a treat after the bombay sapphire ran out.

Jenny brought this beautiful
chocolate  -  before the
packet was opened and we cut 
it up  it looked
like an artwork.

Sunny took these amazing photos of the moon with my camera early this morning.

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