Friday, 19 April 2013


BOSPHORUS OH BOSPHORUS . . .  the first words of what will be a rousing ode to the magnificent waterway linking asia to europe - oh yes, this poem will become a national anthem by the time we've crafted it into a thing of beauty at the end of our two weeks.  :0)   all words that rhyme with bosphorus gratefully received  

toss for us  (as in 'don't give a . . .')
loss for us

IT'S as beautiful as ever, the ships, bird calls, call to prayer, mosque domes and minarets - sunny and i got here about 3 after a long flight to abu dhabi to refuel then onto istanbul.  all good.

In Stawell with jen and rob - we had a walk in the morning and came across this handsome fellow along the road.

i drove to melbourne in the afternoon and dean drove sunny and i to the airport for our 10 p.m flight

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS about flying is seeing the sun rise from the air . . .   i always love
getting these shots

from the air - first
sight of it is just sand
dunes as far as the
eye can see, then
little by little, a small
area of agricultural
development and
finally these super
modern buildings
just rising out of
the landscape.

something for us all
to aspire to in the
garden -  a lot of
work for sadly,
not much effect,
in the airport
richard gere with arabic subtitles

AH YES - now we know we've arrived

    bosphorus oh bosphorus - words are at a loss for us . . .          hmmm

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