Saturday, 6 April 2013


I CAN HEAR THE HOSES as i sit here watching telly after a relaxed day at home.  for the first time since i 've been home from china the automatic system is 
up and running.  the pump's still a problem but it's lovely to hear the water just spraying onto the lawn.  
and STEEL SCADDINGS (oh, that name)  has been and cut the lawn so everything's smelling of new mown grass.  

Pelicans are gliding down the river past the house and my magpie family is  running about on the newly cut lawn finding lots to eat  -  all wonderful.   i was sitting watching the magpies when all of a sudden (i love that phrase - 'all of a sudden') one of those rotten cats crept out from under the house towards the young one.

the baby of the family

one adult

the other one, a black backed magpie
i leapt out the door and scared it away but now i'm all the more determined - they've gotta go.

when i was little some of my nick names were annie oakley  and 'annie get your gun'.
i can tell you if i knew how to use a gun i'd be popping those cats, but i'll just have to 
leave it up to someone else. but they've got to go.

It's great to have the pelicans back, they've been away for a while but since i've returned from beijing, there have been around 20 or 30 pelicans up at the lock every morning, and they glide past the house in groups of two or three during the day, beautiful things

this very cute little boat chugged by this afternoon

the river this evening - it's been beautiful still autumn weather, very warm but lovely

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