Monday, 1 April 2013


The show is up - whoo hoo,  and it's looking good.  it fits into the black gallery as though it was made for it (which half of it was, come to think of it)

here are wonderful andrew and robert putting up the work

 and above right,  julie goes beyond the call of duty and becomes a human moonbeam,
helping the sunraysia daily photographer dave as he takes my photo for the paper.

I met Nic Plowman tonight, he has the main show in the white gallery opening on wednesday. he and julie and i and rudy, who's show has just come down,  all went for a drink at the end of the day and continued on back to julie and kev's for a bbq.  this little cat ventured over the fence, up onto the roof and across the lazerlite on its mission to get down to us.  didn't make it though.

I've come home early - soooo tired after a busy time, beijing, getting this show ready, jen,fred and sunny on the weekend - wonderful - hanging the show.  i had to come home while it was light, i felt as though i would run off the road if i stayed.   nice to be here in the quiet, catching up on the old blog.

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