Saturday, 20 April 2013


AH  THIS CITY . . . we spent the day just walking, susan, sunny and i - down the main shopping mall Istiklal, always packed with people, onto the FUNicular down to the galata bridge, lunch in a great seafood restaurant at the ferry stop, over the bridge to the spice market and back on the tram for pizza and scrabble.

message to jenny and freddie,gail, anne, den, janet, bevan and merrin - i'm thinking of you all as i revisit places we all love and it's only day one, so much to do and redo while i'm here.   

meet scrappy bird - these birds are everywhere, crow or magpie like but always looking in need of some grooming.  they have a harsh agitated crowing call and susan says they attack the baby gulls in nests on the rooftops. we have a gull on a nest right outside the balcony and i'll get some pics. 

this guy walked down the street past the balcony - we're on the fifth floor so it's a fair way down but the music drifts up and is so atmospheric. the little girl with him was collecting money from anyone who'd give it.  during the day we saw a lot of these accordionists, i think accordions are going cheap right now. a lot of the musicians could hardly play.  this guy was ok though. a nice intro to istanbul street life.
the fish and fruit and vege stalls are as amazing as ever, so much really fresh produce, i'm looking forward to cooking soon  -  this fishmonger looked a bit scary though

check out this underwear - it's a shop window in Istiklal, amongst all the trendy fashion shops and istanbul exotica - inside just a little brown counter so all the stock - fabulous as it is - is in the window for our delectation :o)

corset and spanks for men and the ladies - and all in that attractive nudie shade.

time for a beer, EFES beer of course. this great little place was a new discovery  - Teras
 (terrace) off Istiklal

a face for my collection


another new eating place, also on the balcony overlooking the bosphorus,  APHRODITE'S

did i spot Liz Hurley
incognito, having a 
coffee near the
Galata Bridge?? 

if there was nothing in istanbul but the mosques
it would still be worth the trip

and these fabulous
ottoman houses - 
i'll be collecting
photos of these.
this is the walk 
home from the
Kabatas tram stop,
lots of steep winding
streets here.

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