Saturday, 13 April 2013


I'VE BEEN BUSY getting things done that are way overdue, organising my tax, getting the bike fixed, the car serviced, four new tyres, the rideon mower checked out (it's cactus), prints framed - all the while with terry popping in and out doing things to the pump, digging around looking for the leak that's causing the pump to keep turning itself
on all the time.
anyway, i now have a new tap where i can turn the pump on and off from halfway down
the block, saves running back and forth all the time. it's great and as i write i can see
the hoses all ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ing away beautifully   :0)   a good sound

LOTS of birds around at the moment, yesterday morning i opened up the curtains to see - in golden early morning light - 27 pelicans and a mass of cormorants flying up the river. the rosellas are back, kookaburras, my magpie family and lots of little treecreepers and honeyeaters and wrens.  

the weekend will be spent sorting what to take with me down to melbourne when i head off for istanbul. i need a bag for istanbul, wedding clothes for melbourne after the trip,  school visit clothes for that week too plus books, charcoal etc that i use, printmaking stuff in case i manage a day at the print workshop in gertrude st, denise's birthday present,   it's going to be a packed car.  can't wait to be on that plane though.

my crazy gorgeous daughter-in-law sayaka outside their bike shop, with 'little red' who's due to join rene and sayaka in person around may 25,  i'm still looking for a good granny name.

Yesterday morning
last night the sky was beautiful, this morning it was completely pink,
it's a still quiet morning

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