Friday, 5 April 2013


last night after sunset
AFTER THE INEVITABLE PUMP PROBLEM*  and consultation with Terry the pump guy - i  headed out to trentham estate winery to meet the brighton baths girls annette, mary and rachelle for lunch
on the riverbank.  it really is a great spot, we ate on the balcony watching houseboats pull in and unload people coming for lunch,  it's been a warm and glorious autumn day.

*still misbehaving
on a daily basis

the girls came back to see my place and we had stewed blood plums from mick's roadside stall at curlwaa, and zucchini cake courtesy of annette.  not bad,  not bad at all :0)
mary and rachelle with those gorgeous roses
 rachelle, me and annette

It was a real treat to have them all here - next time hopefully they can
 stay a few days here at my place for an explore/food/wine/scrabble experience

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