Monday, 29 April 2013


AND I headed
off to the grand
bazaar and spent 
the morning there.
i bought some
lovely large
fabrics for the
wall, very happy
with them.

then we headed
down to ortakoy
for lunch and did
the bosphorus
ferry ride - 
it's fabulous

gorgeous italian palace

the ataturk bridge over the bosphorus,  always busy

on the way home we had to walk past the soccer stadium -
there was a match on so the food sellers were out in
force - these kofte stands always look really terrific

sunny got into the mood and bought a besiktas team scarf -
the place was absolutely pumping

 SUNSET DRINKS on the roof of the Londra - that monument to good taste -
it's a treasure of a place


  1. Anne, I'm loving all the photos you are posting...and wish I was planning a trip to Istanbul!
    The earrings you showed are beautiful; hope you splurged! You probably already know the place, but when we were there we went to a fabulous restaurant Dmetri told us about: it's up some stairs at the entrance (or exit?) of the Spice Market. Not cheap, but definitely worth every Turkish lira! Keep having fun!

  2. thanks marjorie - yes i have splurged, but with my usual natural restraint ;0) last time i came to istanbul i had dmetri's wonderful two page list of things to see and places to eat - he should write
    the istanbul guide x


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