Thursday, 11 April 2013


BILLABONG that is. yesterday was great.  donnie and granddaughter riley and emily and i drove out to wangumma on the 'bong' playing 'spot the...' in the car on the way. the high points scored for spotting  a bottle, tyre, emu, random person were an indication of what a deserted and wide empty space it is that we drove through to get there.  great expanses of low scrubby grey-blue bushes, red earth - real australian landscape.

we had a really relaxed day of exploring the river and bong (well, a bloody hot walk
actually but good) i did some sketching and took stacks of photos of the masses of pelicans, ducks, swans and other waterbirds, we played scrabble, had a shoot at a target (i'm now 'blooded' into rural life), found frogs in the loo, i learned a bit about some of the drought resistant trees peter's been planting - i had a wonderful time. thanks donnie, pete and girls

riley and emily in the amazing tree they've climbed for years of past visits to the bong

i loved this piece of art on the wall in the kitchen, made by a friend of reeds from the billabong outside the house.

the old dunny, still standing
despite rivalling the leaning
tower of pees - a   :0)   sorry

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the house - a wonderful old brick homestead, big halls, long glass doors opening onto the verandah from every room, a whole separate kitchen building and a breezeway down the middle, it's a real family getaway in a beautiful spot.

there's even a frog or two 
to greet you when you
go to the loo.

checking out the bird book in the great old kitchen, interesting things everywhere

I'VE BEEN LED ASTRAY by this woman - donnie with the air rifle aiming at the pizza box top/target,
 she's not bad either

first time with
a gun in my
hand as far
as i can 
i got one out
of three on
the target, not
great but i was 
pretty chuffed-
annie getcha 
on the way home - this funny log man is on the side of the road, donnie says at christmas he's dressed in red xmas gear, not sure  who does it but he's pretty funny

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