Wednesday, 17 April 2013


AT LAST i'm here at jen and rob's in stawell ready to drive to melbourne for the istanbul flight. we spent a lovely night, drinks out on the rocks looking out at the sunset over the grampians and dinner at the pub.   the sky was spectacular but sadly my camera battery was on the recharger :0\
it's been a mad few days of tying up loose ends and packing, but good - the weather has been lovely - warm autumn days. flying to istanbul with sunny at 10 tonight.  

andrew kelly sent me this pic of us off to the arts precinct
on the hotel pushbikes

pics from the river monday and tuesday

these crazy palms always amuse me,  they've forgotten to drop their branches as they get older and have these huge shaggy trunks.    since i've been here the council's been trimming the trunks on the palms that line the main roads and it's been going on constantly, a huge
job.   i like them like this

the grapevines that grow on verandahs all around town are
turning the most beautiful red and gold


i want to identify this tree, they grow all along the road from birchip to stawell, the most glorious red silky trunks and a really interesting shape.

this wonderful pall of smoke caught the sunlight, not sure what was burning

 LOOK OUT! mad sheep on the road. they really are sill animals, running backwards and forwards, tripping over  each other in panic.  my car wasn't even moving.
burnt fields,  great patterns

the dam at the bottom of bullocky mary road where jen and rob live,
 i photograph this amost every time i visit, monoprint material

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  1. Eucalyptus spathulata (Swamp Mallet) is the tree you were wondering about. I have that care of my horticultural husband, Scott. He says it's a remarkable tree and they've planted a whole lot of them at the Tullamarine Calder interchange. It's possibly the toughest (drought tolerant) eucalypt for difficult sites that he has ever seen. Enjoy your trip.


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