Wednesday, 24 April 2013


TUESDAY - we spent nearly all day wandering down Istiklal, the wide shopping street with no traffic except for a quaint old red tram that trundles up and down every now and then.
the sun has come out, it's been a really warm beautiful day, the first since we've been here. it's been pretty cool and grey, not bad though

sunny in tunel - this
was a pretty little 
arcade full of lovely
cafes and interesting
little shops

one more street cat - 
this pretty little one
had a beetle in 
its sights 

susan heading
up to one of
the endless
selection of
rooftop bars
and terraces,
each with a 
new exciting
view of
the bosphorus.
some of the tiny 
lifts only hold
two or three

THE CHIMNEYS are wonderful, endless variations and all to be viewed from the rooftop bars and cafes that seem to be absolutely everywhere,  everyone wants a view

the wiring - almost as good as in china

susan and sean in the Londra hotel, the most amazing collection of over the top kitsch i've ever seen, just look at the crazy old metal phones  and the chandelier, (ataturk in the background), one of dozens around the building. 

there are banners and posters of ataturk all over town for children's day

my favorite fire escapes,
 like sculptures
 against the sky

sunny and i bought big bunches of lilacs from this lovely woman on the
way home from taksim square
 from the balcony . . . 
another huge cruise ship berths in at karakoy

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