Thursday, 27 February 2014


SEEMS LIKE DAYS since i've written on the blog - is it?  i've got my two grant applications done, photos assembled and burned onto cd's. (i've decided this apostrophe is ok, incorrect but useful :0)    support material, project outlines, cv, etc
all done.  it's so time and brain consuming.
my work is up on the walls at artback and i'm happy with it all.  i'll sit in at the exhibition for the next 10 days, i'll set up a temporary studio and work on my next book and the swan lake project without the distractions of home.   i don't think i'll be swamped with
people coming through the exhibition, probably mostly people travelling through wentworth and on their way to the junction. it'll be interesting to see who does come.
i know mildura people think wentworth is a long way away  (a whole half hour)  but it is the arts festival so they may be out and about.

a gallery waiting for a show

tuesday - figuring out where to hang

wednesday done. and i got a good two page story in the sunraysia daily yesterday. opening is on sunday afternoon.

last night an opening at the art vault, julie had the black room almost to herself, a group show of julie and her canberra art school buddies.   julie's given me a day's work a week, every wednesday working on invitation design, general media and other responsibilities yet to be worked out.  meeting on monday of all staff.   i'm really pleased.

the familiar art vault laneway 


  1. All the best Anne. I did make one of your exhibitions at the Art Vault last year. Beautiful artwork .... I have finally had the pieces framed and I am picking them up tomorrow. Cannot wait to hang them! Hope you have lots of people through. Beautiful time of the year to be out and about..

    1. hi cathy, that's nice to know - do you mean you bought some of my artwork? cheers anne

    2. I did! Three etchings. Just beautiful.

  2. Don't keep me in suspense, which ones. i love knowing where my work has gone,
    cheers anne

    1. Pelican on the Murray 1 & 2 and Darter. The framer said they look amazing. I haven't been able to get over to pick them up (from Echuca) until tomorrow, so cannot wait. Which wall to put them on!?! Love the monoprint of the tree reflections by the way. The rivers gums are magnificent aren't they. Loving your work from along the river.


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