Thursday, 13 February 2014


I WAS INVITED by di and sam cross to attend the grape picking last night.  the last of the chardonnay grapes were being harvested by a huge automated picker. i got to ride up on top, about 3m off the ground.  we travelled up and down the rows of vines from early dusk through to dark. i left around 9.30 and they were going to be working through to maybe 3 or 4. the harvest has been every night for the last couple of weeks and another week to go - boy they work hard.

first up, a sample of the
product, mcpherson's
chardonnay and a pasta
dinner with sam, di and
justin, who's helping with
the harvest

sam and di have a fabulous modern house on the murray, a long corrugated iron building with heaps of space and light, windows everywhere

 this is the
- i rode up
on top
looking down below, we're travelling right over a row of vines

i've seen rows of these tubs all along the sides of the road and wondered what they are.  i think same said they had about 70 of these to fill
terry the driver

sam cross - sam and di have grapes and citrus on this property, about 5 minutes from my place

the neighbours came for a squizz

still to be done - in all directions

eeee HA!

As i left they were just turning down another row - a long night ahead

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