Monday, 24 February 2014


my head is so full this week,  one application due march 1, my show opens
march 2, other application march 3.   could that timing be any worse?   and i'm trying
to put a slide show of photos on a disc with a sound track, don't know how yet?  i want
it to run along with my show,  pics of the  river and birds.   sigh

but . . .
it feels like early autumn here, i've been out in the mornings gardening, doesn't take long to get quite a bit done. i've planted red/green alstromerias from donnie's garden this morning, they're the same as some mum had, they look like christmas decorations to me, lovely red bells with green inside. there's peastraw everywhere and the weeds are scared :0)

the lawn was about 8" long after being left then being thoroughly soaked before i left for melbourne. now it's cut everything's looking very tranquil 

i've got the old
problem again -
a wall to hang
and no idea
where to start

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