Thursday, 6 February 2014


OUT AND ABOUT yesterday - i headed over to carlton to meet mary, my brighton baths buddy. we met at the home of her friend - a lovely home in a quiet tucked away street.  then on to my favorite gipps st op shop where i drove round and round looking for a park, none to be found so onward to ikea to stock up on frames only to find i had no money in the bank.  the day was getting hotter and hotter and my mood was changing to grumpy and grumpier.
came home to chill out and couldn't get the front door open!  sunny and dean's front lock is playing up a bit, but this time i simply couldn't open the door.  tried the back lane, no way to get in.  also knocked next door to see if i could get into the back yard that way, no one home.  then miraculously the door just opened.  grrrrrr

last night was the opening of the big print show at tacit gallery - janet had
a wonderful big linocut in the window, and had sold one inside.  a great show
and i ran into stacks of people i knew. sunny came and we walked from
tacit up to the rainbow for cheap steak night.  but the steaks had run out
by the time we got there so we ended up at jim's greek tavern where the food
was just superb as it always has been.  a very reliable place for great greek cooking
on the walk up over hoddle to the rainbow in st david street

speedy sunny zooming down st david street past some great graffiti

the rainbow was packed, no steaks left. we tried two other places along
brunswick street, everything was full - thank god for Jim's tavern

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