Monday, 17 February 2014

MELBOURNE, where am i?

It's Monday, last time i wrote here  was .........
OK now it's tuesday and i'm at sunny's in northcote, i've been staying here and there again, photos below are on my trip to the airport last saturday then the drive down to torquay with sunny.  we all spent the evening out on gail's lovely big deck and had the traditional aussie barbie

above - grapes out on the drying racks along the highway into mildura.

the melbourne wheel, it
looks pretty in the sunlight as you drive over the bolte bridge from the airport.   don't know anyone who's been on it yet though
when one icecream just isn't enough - a stop at the
freshwater creek bakery and deli, lots of goodies in
there including english toffee and chocolate
obsession ice cream

yum -  the zucchini from sunny's garden was delicious, barbecued really brown and delicious

star of the night, cal with great-unca sean

with his new maraccas and the hat i knitted

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