Sunday, 9 February 2014


I STAYED AT VICKI'S - she's in byron bay.  ah the joy of an empty house for a day, i just stayed home, watered her garden, watched telly and did a bit of sketching. it was good, after my meeting with erica yesterday i was getting ideas for my work.   weather's super hot in melbourne too so staying cool is a fulltime job.

I caught up with libby
for a coffee, i had
a double espresso
and she had a somewhat
suggestive latte
Yesterday i drove out to maroondah gallery to have a look at the Draw me a Picture exhibition. i had six works in, leigh hobbs had some too. there were six of us, it's a good show for schools to visit, and it'll be up for a couple of months.

then over to Allen & Unwin for a meeting with janeen brian who flew over from adelaide, and erica our wonderful editor.  then off to dinner with craig smith and terry denton, a very nice night :0)
with erica, craig, janeen and terry

sunny's been busy
in the garden and
there's a lot of
great stuff growing
out there. like 
this fat little batch
of lebanese 

at Misuzu's with
leigh. great food,
a cool breeze after
a very hot day,
and just a lovely
night sitting under
those gorgeous
red lanterns.

 SATURDAY - the opening of Explorations - the show at australian print workshop. it was a good opening, i sold two out of three prints, and leigh wore his hat :0)

meredith costain, leigh hobbs and eternally youthful sally rippon

susan baran with the 
print she produced with
simon's collaboration,
mine is above 
the boys enjoying a beer at the builder's arms in gertrude street
susan, sunny and graham roy barker, a new friend

NOW IT'S SUNDAY NIGHT and i'm chilling out after driving from 4a.m. till 1p.m.   I was worried about the predicted 42deg and strong winds but i avoided them.   no wind until i got to wentworth to be greeted by a dust storm. good to be home and unpacked. more hot weather to come though.
the garden has survived ok thank god.

sunrise after six a.m. 

one of the best
things about the
long drive is the
wonderful sky
that continues
to change
with the landscape 

 dust storm on the wentworth road

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