Saturday, 15 February 2014


IT'S RAINED NON STOP  - all last night it thundered down, so steady and really drenching.  the ceiling dripped and splashed, buckets and towels everywhere - only in one particular spot though.  one bucket filled -  i was surprised but it was great to tip rain water on all my pot plants. i went to
bed expecting to awake to a lake in the loungeroom but it was fine.  i think it will continue on and off today, everything looks just fantastic.

i ran around town distributing posters yesterday, did more artwork but it won't be finished to take to melbourne.  i'm just so excited to be flying out at 12 today, we'll be in torquay with rene and sayaka and cal by 2 or 3.  what a weekend, friends, family and a big bouncing baby :0)   look out cal, here i come!

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