Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I HIT THE ROAD on saturday in 42 deg - thank god for the air conditioning.  i left before sunrise and had a slow and interesting drive, everythings super dry but it's pink/gold grass a lot of the way and i always love driving through the wimmera with it's wheat silos.  i stopped a lot to take photos.

 above - pics from the bushfire areas around ouyen, tempy, speed, turriff and gypsum

pics from warracknabeal - i like this little town with its funny sculptures on the roundabouts as you travel down the main street

too hot - get a mallet and just bash a hole in the wall and shove in an air conditioner -  this is the hotel in the middle of warracknabeal - pigeon central

sweet little caroling maggie grabbing a spot of shade

there are a lot
of lovely little
houses like
this along
the way

sheep trying to keep cool - not a spot of shade in their paddock poor things

poor  little wren finding a spot of water on a stinking hot night

brekky - home 
made bread on
pretty china

LEAVING helen and don's, that's mt dryden poking out like a currant cake rising in the oven

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