Sunday, 23 February 2014

NO MORE MICE . . . yet

THEY EITHER DON'T LIKE CHEESE or peanut butter (which is recommended on the mousetraps) or they're not here.  It's sunday morning and the traps are all empty.

the grass is cut!  after the big rain a week ago i returned to an already long lawn which had an extra 3" at least. now it's neat and tidy and i'll start watering again.  it's lovely to have these cool mornings and mild days, feels like a holiday.

i'm getting grant applications together, due at the same time my exhibition opens, always the way. it's everything or nothing on the work front.

yesterday was just a lovely day, donnie and peter's 50th wedding anniversary celebrated with lunch at stefano's.  amazing food, warm and funny speeches and good company.

pretty table decorations of tiny pears from donnie's garden

tom and penny in 
front of one of the
series of art deco
etched mirrors - 
installed in stefano's
from the old grand
hotel, all the designs
depicting parts of 
mildura - the old
base hospital, the 
bridge, river etc.

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