Friday, 28 February 2014


Yesterday was a nice day, julie's friends (currently exhibiting at the art vault) all came out to see my show.  Sally bought a couple of books for her grandchildren then they all came down to my place to look at the river.   
I was settled in for a quiet evening when i spotted someone peering through the kitchen window. it was sue, who i saw at the art vault opening on wednesday.  she and i discovered we both went to belmont high. 
she and her husband came to tell me that the darling lilies are out.    i'd never heard of them. apparently they don't always flower and they haven't been seen for a while. they gave me directions so this morning i drove out the silver city highway to the pomona road and about 4 kms up the road there they were, a few on the side of the road on the right then on the left, a field of them.    lovely white slightly spidery lilies.


  1. Hi Anne,
    the gymea lily of Mildura, albeit short - stumpy- and white compared to the Illawarra cousin, but amazing to see,
    Best wishes Tony

    1. hi tony, i just looked up the gymea lily - the red one is amazing, these are more like a day lily, or belladonna, very pretty to see out in the field. friends have said it's a crinum lily, see the website below. only grows in this one tiny area x


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