Friday, 21 February 2014


MOUSIE DOOM TIME NOW IS HERE  -  with apologies to walt disney. 

 i'm sitting in bed looking at facebook and i hear a sharp click - it's my mousetrap snapping up yet another mouse.  i knew i had one or two, but obviously there are a lot more that just don't leave much evidence around.  i caught two last night and just put the traps down in the kitchen again about half an hour ago -  i hate to think what's happening inside the walls.  thank goodness the newer style traps neatly catch the mouse and can be emptied easily without touching the sad little fella - i do have pangs of guilt, they're so tiny.

when i got back from melbourne the avocado i'd left to ripen on the window sill had been neatly eaten out at one end, right through the skin.   and there were tiny bits of chewed up plastic and foil on the floor.  lining for a nest no doubt.
a few weeks ago my first discovery of a mouse was in my bedroom.     the industrious little devil had made a very neat newspaper and tissue nest in my ugg boot.  after hearing scratching in the dark of the early morning i actually saw a used tissue being pulled up into my wardrobe. it was quite surreal, a moving tissue disappearing up inside the closed door.     needless to say, that is an ex-mouse.

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