Friday, 27 December 2013


SUNNY AND DEAN picked me up around midday to drive up to echuca - we took our time and dean drove us on a zigzag scenic route to his parents' house outside echuca.   beautiful australian farming country,  flat golden wheatfields and big old trees.  the house is a lovely redbrick 1920's with large roomy additions, lovely gardens melding into the natural landscape.
Rob and Rita made us warmly welcome and we had a barbie tea out under the verandah on a balmy night.

before we left . . .
a walk around northcote

graffiti abounds in almost boringly endless walls of good, bad and in between work on churches, shops, rubbish bins, footpaths  

i took this photo with a zoom lens - i thought it was a buddhist monk until i could see the
photo better on the computer screen

i really notice the amount of signage now i live in a small town

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the view of sandra and patrick's from the rear laneway - who would know anyone lived here?  it feels like a very private little hidey hole,  nice.

plastic ballet in the back lane

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