Sunday, 1 December 2013


I FOUND OUT today that annie's market day is not anne hederics' market day (it's held at her restaurant Artback) but annie lamb's market day.  annie lives across the road from Artback and it's been held at her home for a number of years before moving over to Artback.  now there's another annie
involved. we've solved that problem by being anne, annie and spud.

sunny and i were up early to pack up and do last minute checks.  it was a perfect day, about 27, light breeze.  some of the market was set up under the
jacarandas on the median strip and it all felt really good.   we sold lots of stuff and had a great day's takings.

this is in the afternoon, i had two boards of jewellery,  this is the
remnants of both of them, sold heaps.  lots of silk scarves too
and Peasant Prince books but hardly any clothes.
lucky i took the extras, originally i was just going to sell
the clothes and scarves

these beautiful roses 
were on a stall
outside our window 
so we had them as
a backdrop all day

home afterwards with champagne for a lounge on the riverbank, then scrabble, a tacky old movie - Pal Joey - and bed.

this little fella
was on my
bedroom wall
when i went to
made me 
feel like i was
on holidays
in bali :o)
this morning, sunday - the mynas have decided the birdbath is go - it's been there
for two months but finally i 've seen a rosella and the mynas there. i love it.

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