Saturday, 14 December 2013


I'VE BOUGHT 20 BALES and it's going to take no time to use them all up.  if i can get all my baby trees deeply mulched i'll be happy - made a good start yesterday.

It's 2.59 and i've been lying in bed hoping the radio to help me get off to sleep. trouble was there were hilarious stories told by americans about rogue wild turkeys terrorising a whole town, and wild geese being lured into lush pastures to become foie gras.    very funny stories which just woke me up more.

now i'm watching tv -  hope i get some sleep eventually, we're off to wangumma today,  donnie's picking me up at 10. 

heading in to have coffee with martin before an appointment in town.   a humungous goods train at merbein crossing.  the roads into mildura are all traffic free, no traffic lights so the trip is always 1/2 an hour - UNLESS the bridge is closed at either abbotsford or wentworth, often for 20 minutes, or this - a train that takes about ten minutes to finally pass by.   unpredictable and annoying

KOOKA on the wires outside stefano's cafe

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