Saturday, 7 December 2013


It was the lady's christmas lunch, held every year by donnie and margo (who has the magnificent ampelon gardens in mildura).   i was pleased to see the number of people i've got to know over the past year.  lunch was at stefano's cafe and food was beautiful.   fabulous melt in the mouth pannecotte and stewed peach for dessert, mmmmm!
donnie, bernadette (i think)   di cross from the rowing club, and helen healy, involved
in lots of things in mildura.  on the walls, an exhibition of indigenous artists work - masks
of individual faces,  looks really good. 

       margo, donnie, cynthia mckeenan and anna (stefano's mother in law)

i called in to see tony making his large multi plate monoprints - it's inspiring to see the range
of colours he gets from a simple yellow, blue and red combination.   

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