Sunday, 22 December 2013


BREKKY WITH SUNNY AND DEAN yesterday morning, beautiful poached eggs, bacon and tomato,  some quick op shopping with sunny before driving down to windsor to see damon at PRINTMAKING NOW - the pop up show he's pulled together with APW printmakers. there's stacks of great work there, hope we sell some.

THEN ON TO GEELONG and down to pt lonsdale for the december show.  a good opening and i had time to spend with gail, den and anne afterwards. it was a very still pale grey day, light drizzly rain too, perfect for sitting under a verandah with a glass of wine and the sea to look at across the road.  good to see young terry denton who came to pick up an etching of mine he'd bought at our november show.

good buddies anne den and gail helping me to the car with sister helen's work from last month.  we've all been busy little exhibiting bees :0)

terry and kristin at the tussock upstairs december spaces show

. . .  and with bevan, director of tussock upstairs gallery and art-repreneur.

our happy waiter jumped into the shot, i think anne's enjoying this a little too much


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