Monday, 16 December 2013


PRE CHRISTMAS LUNCH here yesterday - donnie and peter, julie and kev and graeme drendel, who's currently resident at the art vault.  i was glad graeme could come,  he was at the art vault 5th  anniversary party weekend and we didn't get much of a chance to catch up.  weather has been lovely, high 20's and a bit breezy.

it was a shame everyone left by about 5.30, the sunset was just beautiful

the satisfying results of my work yesterday morning,  i did a couple of hours more this morning, sweat dripping work, it was pretty hot already by 10 o'clock.  
i enjoyed it though.

the baby maggie was impressed by the gard'n'grow - a wonderfully shady refuge where he carolled for a few happy minutes then strolled on

then i rewarded myself with a swim to fill in time while my car was being fixed.  and a trip to the gym only to find i've lost the tag off my keyring, the one that opens the roll-a-door.  i've searched without any luck so far, grrrr.     so i just did some stretches and yoga on the grass in front of the club.

as i was sitting 

outside the rowing
club (the gym) 
this lovely little 
family of black 
ducks came  
'wk-wk-wking' by

at the good old wentworth outdoor pool,   no one there -  school holidays loom though

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