Monday, 2 December 2013


WE DIDN'T DO MUCH TODAY - well nothing too taxing :0)     late brekky at artback with the papers, then a swim at the pool.   it's been a warm day, 34, building up to 38 for the next two days. the evaporative cooler's on and it's staying on till the change.
In the evening we drove out to Perry Sandhills - it's a strange and beautiful place,  the finest smooth pink sand in dunes - a collection of them just rising out of the middle of the widest flattest desert landscape - i can't imagine why or how they come to be there.

later in the evening
a horrible dusty wind
began to blow down
the river - i thought
it was a dust storm,
sunny thought there
was smoke - then it
seemed it would
rain but no such 

it just passed over.

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