Saturday, 21 December 2013


wednesday morning and i'm off down the melbourne - i called in for a coffee with martin and graeme on the way, martin got the ukulele out and the words to 'under the milky way tonight' on the laptop and we had a singalong before i left - martin has some amazing large paintings and etchings on the go and graeme's filled the print workshop wall with proofs of lovely little etchings.
 Then back on the road,  i travelled straight down the calder this time and drove through small towns i hadn't been to before, inglewood was very pretty with a terrific big collectables shop where i picked up presents for a few people and bridgewater which had this wonderful art deco pub next to the loddon river.
i should've had a look inside

got to vicki's in south melbourne at 7 just as she was arriving from lorne. we took a long stroll around the neighbourhood under the full moon, lovely to look in the windows of houses decorated for christmas, it was a beautiful balmy night after a hot day.  

fabulous flora in clarendon street florist shop window

stencilling on the wall of a cafe in clarendon street, hot chocolate mmmmm

these roses smelled absolutely divine

south melbourne's back streets
are very pretty - tiny cottages
right on the street, old roses,
open windows with rooms
lit up for christmas.  lovely
to walk around late at night.

i had time today to stock up on art supplies in south melbourne.  then i took vicki over to see marita - my hairdresser/art dealer pal who's selling my work.  her new salon is a lovely old residence over a shop in albert park,  all white white white inside.

these guys were running out onto the intersection and juggling between traffic lights - not completely successfully but 10 out of 10 for trying :0)
 fun at the zoo
vicki had an invite to the opening of the lemur enclosure at the zoo,  it looks fantastic with these gorgeous basket houses for them and a walkway right through the enclosure - you're in there with the lemurs.  they all seem to love it, there are long ropes strung between trees for them to walk along, their tails swing up and over from side to side as they balance, they're amazing looking animals and were completely at home, not worried about us at all

these lemur tails were 
for sale and the kids
just loved them, there
were tails swinging
all over the place

 the lovely peter pan statue is now at the
zoo, i think it used to be in some other main
melbourne parkland, it looks at home at the zoo

meercats - they are the strangest funniest little creatures

SUNSET AT ST KILDA BEACH accompanied by hokey pokey icecreams from joes in south melbourne

this sweet little fella just couldn't climb out of the water at albert park lake this morning. we walked around the lake early and watched as he tried to launch himself up onto the concrete - just couldn't do it.

we came across this beautiful nest of cygnets  

south melbourne is full of lovely chimneys and rooftop detail

the beautiful chinese temple in south melbourne, i didn't photograph
inside but it was dark and atmospheric and filled with gorgeous dark
wood carved detail, very ornate and walls filled with messages
to ancestors, layered up the walls on shelves to the ceiling. and the
smell - gorgeous incense that just took me back to asia, so evocative.

vicki's floor rug,  its tapestry weave is in a wonderful colour range

we headed into the city in the afternoon to see Anchorman 2  (we thought it was a shocker, others liked
it).   we stopped at the Hopetoun Tearooms for coffee and cake,  fabulous vanilla slice :0)

saturday - i'm at dean and sunny's in northcote now, sunny cooked a superb rainbow trout meal last night and we watched a christmas movie.  thinking about my garden up in wentworth - it's hot hot hot up there.   :0{             severe fire danger up there again today

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