Tuesday, 3 December 2013


ANOTHER HOT ONE today, it started off cool and i thought the change had come - no way.  but hopefully rain tomorrow.  everything's so dry
I had the plumber round to fix yet another leak in the toilet!   and jayden did the last
patching up in the bathroom, tomorrow he'll take the pile of old stuff pulled out from the old laundry- the trough, toilet and piles of plumbing bits and pieces.  maybe i'll get this place tidied up at last.  
i hosed down the side of the house - it was thick with cobwebs and bugs.  the resulting puddles in the carport attracted stumpie.

my opium poppy has come up - i scattered about 10,000 tiny seeds in the garden and three came up, all far from where i threw them and all far apart from each other.   hopefully they'll spread.

and the morning glory,  i love it. plenty of room for it to roam here.

sunset last night - another beauty  

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