Monday, 30 December 2013


a walk around sandra
and patrick's garden
with the hose before
i left northcote. it's
such a pretty little
courtyard, lush and
green and peaceful

a pretty coffee at barry's in northcote. with chrissie
murphy.  i should've got a photo of her.  too busy talking :0)

TWO DAYS ON THE ROAD with the two blueys, my trusty car and little bluey who's been my travelling companion now for about ten years. slightly faded but still great company.
i had a slow drive from the grampians - left early and stopped a lot to take photos
I left Melbourne a couple of days ago after a quick visit to sunny and dean, and martin who dropped by to pick up my work for the APW show. i've dropped off work to damon, to sunny for the maroondah show,  to artback on the way down,  and i've come back with the car loaded with frames from ikea and all helen's work from the pt lonsdale show.  i don't want to see another framed picture for quite a while  :0\

martin and claude at sunny's

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